Bounjour, Paris!

After 3 days in Swiss, i went to Paris by bus (again) and it takes 3 hours. As long as the journey to Paris, i saw vineyard at right and cow farm at left. The cow color is not black and white, but it's brown and white. I tasted the steak there but... it's the worst steak- imean, the worst meat i've ever tasted ( desolee, Francais!). But seriously, the meat was too soggy for me.

I stayed in Paris for 3 days and visited Eiffel Tower, Musee de Louvre, and duty free in Paris. Is that so? Yap. Boring? Absolutely! Seriously, if i have a chance to go there this year, i will go to St. Barts, Lyon, and maybe Monaco.

The best item that i purchased is Aquolina Sugar Pink Perfume. It smells so dark brown sugar, sweet but if you spray it too much, you will dont like it, trust me.

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