Cuppy Cakes

This afternoon my neighbour gave me this lovely cupcakes. Finally, i have a neighbour! :'')
So, the story was start from when i always saw a courier with orange costume visited my neighbour house. Everyday. At first i thought my neighbour bought something from online shop like me. Okay, that's pretty normal. But the awkward part is, it was always the same person who came into her house and it takes time an half hour. Why should be that long? (Okay, so now you know i'm a litte bit stalker lol).

Finally one day, i saw that courier carried a box of decorated cupcakes. So i stepped out of the door, ran, and asked the courier where did she buy that cupcakes, and you know what, the courier said my neighbour made that. Oh my god, so you have to know for a long time i'm trying to find some place that can teach me to make fondant. You have to know i love baking cupcakes. My friends said the taste of my cupcakes is great but i can't make the fondant or decoration. It's so hard. And it's like something relieving, i found a place to make fondant :''') Ah, and you have to know i live in a resident which is we don't know our neighbour each other, so i'm glad i could know (one of) them.

By the way, if you interest in order some cupcakes for anniversary or birthday, you can contact them by their twitter

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