Hello, Singapore!

Finally, i visited Singapore after 10 years. Long time, huh? Hmm, my dad is kind of type people who wouldn't go to same country again and again. Once is enough, he said. But, in my opinion Singapore now is the closest place to buy make up from Sephora. Yes, since Sephora closed their store in Hong Kong and decided to move to Singapore.

Me and my family (minus dad) went there in the morning, around 9am with the cheapest flight (you know the airline's name). It's my first time traveled with this airline, and when i take a look at the inside aeroplane i thought price equals quality, really. But it's fine, because it's just 1,5 hours flight.

Minus dad, and brother as a photographer

We spent holiday for 3 days and it's not enough! I missed Sentosa Island, Marina Bay, and Bugis Junction (since that day, i promise i will save half of my money to go to Singapore with my friends). I just went to Universal Studio and in the afternoon, it's rain! Luckily, i almost finish try all of games and attraction.

In Sephora, i just bought red lipstain and Bobbi Brown Pencil Liner. I spent my money to bought accessories in Universal :') On the next day, we went to Merlion and Vivo city.

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