Holla, Italiano!

  Year 2000 is the first time i went abroad. It's Singapore, for sure. I went there with my family. Sadly, we didn't bring pocket camera and phone camera hadn't exist yet on that era. My dad just brought handycam and we've already lost the cassette :(

  I'm not gonna talk about Singapore, but i will talk about my trip to Italy. It was the first time i went outside Asia. It was in 2008 and i visited 7 country. I will talked one by one, and because i arrived at Italy from Jakarta, Indonesia, i will wrote about Italy first.

 Dubai Airport, before we landed in Italy, we should transit in Dubai International Airport

 Arrived in Italy :) When we arrived, it's about 8am which means it's still 3am in Jakarta. The weather's 14 degrees

  For your information, i'm a huge fan of McDonald's, so everytime i went abroad i will always find mcD because every country has different menus. In italy, they had Gelato as their side dish, but in France they had macaroons.  The most delicious McD in my opinion is in Sydney. They had Berry Smoothies and it's really healthy.

Sightseeing in front of Piazza del Duomo

The truth is, i was afraid with pigeons around me!

Aperto means 'open' in Italy

This is Devanda, it's a baby boy! The first time i saw him i thought he's a girl lol

In front of the famous Pisa Tower

In front of Vatican Church
   Actually, Vatican isn't include Italy because they are another country inside Italy. Vatican is big as Kota Tua at North Jakarta -- maybe little bigger.

Collosseum, Roma

Fontana di Trevi

Enjoyed delicious Gelato. My fave are mint and peach

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