Natural Care All Natural Paw Paw Review

I was accidentally browse and saw Natural Care brand there and i was just like 'Ah, I have this product!'. I opened my drawer and found the product that i have

Natural Care All Natural Paw Paw

I bought it in drugstore Sydney, it was just around AU$ 15. Body balm and lip balm contains Sunflower oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, silica, macadamia oil, mango seed butter, and johjoba esters. Okay, so much butter and oil that's why this balm so sticky and suits for very very dry skin. I think in Indonesia you cant apply this product too much because when you sweat you'll feel like you have a glue-bath, but in dry country like Europe and Australia, you have to use this product.

For the face moisturiser, it's not too sticky and you can use it before your primer and foundation. It's so cool when you apply it because it contains Aloe extract and i think this product suits for Normal - Dry skin. I give a score for this product 4 from 5.

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