Freeman Superfruit Revealing Peel Off Mask Review

I never thought that mask is a must until i read some article about mask (basically Indonesian) that said it's one of the part from face treatment. My first mask is Indonesian handmade, it was made from Bengkoang and i bought it in Jogja. My face feels so soft after i applied it but it was soo complicated because i should pour it in a bowl, apply it with brush, blah blah blah. So, i tried to googling a one-step mask that i can apply just with hand and don't need to wash off. I couldn't find until i watched one of Michelle Phan's video tutorial. She use Freeman Cucumber Peel Off mask but when i knew there's another variant, i choosed Superfruit Peel Off mask.

The first time i tried the mask it was thicker and a little bit sticky than i thought. I have to blend it quick before it dried and after that i should still wash my hands. By the way, you don't need brush to apply it to your face. Your hand is enough. Moreover, i admit this mask is great and the winner from the very first time i saw it.

The quantity is good enough to be used for three or four months (if you use it twice a week) and the packaging is great. About the scents, like the name - it's so revealing and smells so fruity.

For the result, i absolutely am enjoying my experience with this product. When i peeled off this mask from my skin face it leaves soft feeling and hydrated. By the way, believe it or not, this product reduced my pimples and my friend (who already tried it) love this mask too because her pimples is decreased. I absolutely will repurchased this product even though i have to wait until a months because it's from drugstore and there's no drugstore in my country.

The score for this product is 5 from 5.

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