Revlon Color Stay Normal/Dry Skin Foundation; Reviews and Swatches!

When i take a look at my blog i just realize something; i never write a review about foundations whereas this thing is one of the most important instrument when you apply make up. It's like, if our face is a canvas, foundation is a paint. So, i want to wrote a review about my one of holy grail foundations; Revlon Color Stay foundation.

Foundation smoothes on evenly for a flawless look. ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 15 for Normal/Dry Skin by Revlon features SoftFlex technology that will not rub off with normal wear. Oil-free formula looks fresh, feels natural and controls excess oil. 

(left) My bare skin, (right) me using color stay foundations in Med Beige

My Thoughts
I know this is one of the best drugstore foundations, that's why i want to try it. I just want to know how great this product and actually, it is. I didn't buy this two foundations at a same time because medium beige was sold out, so i choosed True Beige and it's waay too dark for me! This one is best suits for people who has NC 37 - NC 40 skintone. I thought 'how can i use this without look like after comes out from tanning machine??' and i try to used loose powder with transluscent colour, but it's not works.

Someday, i went to the store and almost scream because there it is, the medium shade was there! I bought it quickly and tried it at home and voila, it suits on my skin face! Okay, first time i applied it, it looks like too bright on me and so unnatural but after 5 minutes it blended well on my skin. When i use Medium Beige, i didn't have to use transluscent powder because my face looks too bright and i don't like it. I used my MAC blot powder in medium dark and it's really works.
I didn't always use foundations because foundations is heavy on my face, but this one is the exception. It feels lightweight on my face eventhough it smells not really good. Since i have a dry skin, the staying power is great. I live in a hot and humidity country so 16 hours is impossible. 9 hours is the longest time and if i just stayed in a room with air conditioner all day. People said this one has a semi matte until dewy finish, but for me it has a super matte finish. I have to use moisturizer before applied it and don't need to use face primer. If i didn't use moisturizer, after an hour my skin line will be seen.

You might like it if..
  - You want a semi matte or dewy finish
  - You have a normal skin
  - You want a medium to full coverage
  - You live in a hot and humid country
  - You want a foundations with SPF
  - You want a foundations with great staying power

You might not like it if..
  - You have a dry until very dry skin
  - You don't want a foundations with SPF
  - You want a foundations with a good scents
  - You want a foundations with pump

My score


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  2. hahaha, just because the flashlight, maybe. thx, i'll join :D