Summer Wave in Thailand + Haulage

Hello, everybody! I just got back from Thailand a week ago. Went there with my grandparents. Yes fellas, you still have a normal ear. My grandparents are already 60 something but they still health and strong, and you should know my grandma more stronger than my mom. She can take a look around Mangga Dua, Mayestik, and Tanah Abang without feels tired hahaha. I just visited Bangkok and Pattaya, too bad i couldn't visit Phuket because it's not on the tour list. But its okay, both of them is quite enough.

When i was in Thailand, i didn't eat anything but fruit. All of them surely know the agricultural system in Thailand is the best in Asian. That's why we always heard durian, rice, guava, and so many fruits with 'bangkok' words lol. I also try foods name Khao Niaw Ma Muang. That means Mango sticky rice. It was sticky rice that called 'ketan' in Indonesia, with mango fruit and coconut sauce on the top. Oh my god, please somebody who's in Thailand bring me thatttt!

On the second day i went to Pattaya. This city reminds me of Bali. I can smell the 'dupa' things (eventhough the smell was not as strong as Bali's dupa) and i could see naked foreign people above the sand on the beach. I also watched Alcazar show that presented a transgender dance show. You have to see the dancer. They're so beautiful! More beautiful that the real woman i think lol.

Beside sleeping Buddha in Wat Pho

with mba Zie in Thai traditional costume

Alcazar dance show

 With one of the performers. I think she's the most beautiful among the performers

Khao Niaw Ma Muang. Slurrp!

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