Yogyakarta; an Indonesian Beauty

I know it's little bit late to write this because i just came back from Jogja almost two months ago, but is it still okay, right? lol. So, this is the second time i went to Jogja ( 1st time when i was in elementary school. long time ago hehe) i attended my dad's graduation but we still didn't want to miss our holiday moment, so we also had a short city tour. We just stayed for 3 days 2 nights and i wish i can come back soon to this city.

 Me and mom

On the first day, we had a dinner in Malioboro. We arrived at 10pm so we couldn't take a walk because all of the store in Malioboro already closed. We had a dinner at street food (we called it Lesehan) and it tasted good. When we ate, the street singer and street band sang sooo much song and we could request any song that we want to hear (mostly Indonesian song).

On the second day, it's my dad's graduation day. We should wake up at 5 am even though we just had some beauty sleep for 4 hours, it's just because the graduation start from 7 am. But it's okay, i want to see my dad's graduation party. Congratulations, dad. I'm so proud of you!

After graduation, we came back to hotel for change our clothes (hey, its impossible to take a walk with kebaya, right?) and we went to a restaurant to had a luch. One thing that i like from Jogjakarta; anything's cheap! Start from the food, the souvenir, the batiks, etc. When i had lunch, i choosed scallop, capcay, crackers, chicken, and noodles (starving, sorry lol) and i just have to pay for Rp. 15.000. Ah-mazing! Done with lunch, we went to the famous souvenir store named Mirota Batik.

And on the third day, well, this is my last day here *sigh* i went to Borobudur temple. I've came here once but i want to know what it looks like after more than 10 months, and it's become greater. It became more fresh, more clean, but still with hot weather. I came here with my family and my cousin. We haven't met for 6 months and it's great to met her :)

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