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I've choosen to become Top 100 Semifinalist Fimelova Goes to Paris and i really really wish that i can be the winner! Okay, for you who don't know what it is, It's a contest that i accidentally joined. One day, i surfed to Fimela's website and there's an ad about this contest. I had to answer around 10 questions about food, monument, language, and celebrity from France.

Three days ago, when i felt so badmood a strange local number called me and i didn't expect anything. She said she's from and she told me that i'm one of the semifinalist of that contest! Yippee! God is so kind, when i feel so down suddenly he gave me something and it's like he said 'surprise' to me. By the way, she said i might send a photo that presented my stylem and it has to be as stylist as possible. Well, i'm not stylist. I prefer buy make up or another skincare than buy fashion stuffs. I'm kind of simple person. I like to wear t-shirt with short, cardigan with dress, or maybe just boyfriend oversized shirt with belt. Pret-a-porter; that's my style. I love accessories, too. For me, it's not complete if going out without it, even it's just a ring or a bracelet.

So, i wish i can step ahead to Top 10 Finalist and then become a winner. I really need your vote, guys! Oh, for you who already voted me, we can make a deal. I'm gonna give you a prize. Yes baby, this is some kind of a giveaway.

If i were choosen to be a winner, i will give you this
And this...
I hope you like the prize and mind if you join this giveaway, but every giveaway has a rules and here's my rules :

  1. You must follow my blog via GFC
  2. You must vote my look at fimela's website and here's the "LINK"
  3. You must write a comment in this post. Write your name, email,blog link, and post link.
  4. You must write a post about this giveaway and give my photo contest link at Fimela

I really appreciate your vote and support, and thank you for your time to read my blog. Oh, and here's my photo which i send to Fimela

Giveaway Time!

  There's so much giveaway this month and it's  open internationally.

Massachusetts Mask


Irsada's Beauty

Lovely Lue Mega Giveaway

This time, i'm gonna post with bahasa...

Kenapa kali ini aku posting dengan bahasa? Karena aku sedang mengikuti giveaway yang diadakan Lulu Putri Wijaya dr Lovely Lue. Syarat mengikuti giveaway ini adalah menuliskan sejak kapan mulai menjadi pembaca setia blognya kak Lulu. Okay, karena blogku sudah dituliskan di page disclaimer kalau apa yang aku tulis itu jujur, jadi aku akan memberikan jawaban yang sejujur - jujurnya.

Aku mulai menjadi pembaca blognya sejak episode 30, waktu itu kak Lulu post link blognya di forum Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Aku pikir yang punya blog masih SMA karena wajahnya baby face banget dan ternyata... kak Lulu ini jauh lebih tua daripada aku dan di episode itu dia nulis kalau dia lagi hamil. Oh my God! Terus mulai penasaran lagi ke posting lainnya, mulai ke posting 29 yang memperlihatkan foto masakan - masakan dan kerajinan yang dia buat. Karena aku juga hobi masak rasanya aku jadi pengen dateng ke rumah kak Lulu terus minta diajarin masak. Sayang, rumahnya kak Lulu jauh di Pekanbaru. Bisa habis ongkos duluan kalau gitu -_-. Setelah itu mulai penasaran - penasaran sama post lainnya dan baca dari episode 1.

Sekian dulu ceritanya. Bagi yang mau ikutan giveaway ini, silahkan klik disini.

Ultima II Launching Party Review

That's the host, Arie

Me, Meilani, and Rima
Titi Kamal and Dr. Kristie

I was invited by Ultima II to came into their launching party on Wednesday, July 18th at The Only One Club, FX Sudirman. They sent me an email and said the dress code was Touch of Silver and Black so i wore my grey (hey, grey means silver, right? :p) puffy hand shirt and mini black skirt.

I was late because of traffic jam so i came at 7 o'clock. I thought the party already started but it wasn't. It hadn't start yet and when i went in the club, i feel like in a stranger world because i don't know anybody at all! So when i saw someone whose her face is well known for me (it's Marsha from Blush Off, actually), i talked to her and asked may i sit beside her, and she said yes.It's not only her who sat around that table, but also Rima, Mei, and Shella. They were so nice and beautiful.

The party was started around 7.15 (see, that's Indonesian people's problems; always late). It started with the dancer that bring ESPC box and then the host went up to the stage. The host named Ari was funny and talkative, and of course pretty too. She wore silver dress and bling-bling wedges (i love her shoes!). She wasn't alone because there were the ambassador of Ultima II, Titi Kamal and a dermatologist, Dr. Kristie and she explained about the product that they launched; Ultima II Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen.

Picture courtesy by Ultima II Facebook

Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen or what we called ESPC is a serum for people whose entered the age of 30 or already 30 something. Why? Because generally, most of 30 years old women already has a smooth wrinkles and their levels of collagen is decreased. So that's why Ultima II created ESPC, to helped us keep our skin moistfull, tighter, and softer.

ESPC contains this formulas:
- Pure Marine Collagen, high concentrated (to replace damaged collagen skin so that it can improve the elasticity of the face)
- Marine Elastin (to help fill in the density of skin face layer)
- Dynalift (to improve skin firmness)
- Hexapeptide 10 (improve the bonding layer of the dermis and epidermis)
- Tripeptide-10 Citruline (Vitamin B5 and AMC)

They introduced us to Mrs. Liz Kusbiono who already used Ultima II product since she was in 32 years old and now she is 72 years old but her skin face still looks tight and soft. She's funny and she said she's an old fashioned woman because she never wanted to do face lift, botox, or some kind like that and she just trusted in Ultima II for her skincare products.

Me with Mrs. Liz
ESPC best use in the morning after cleanser and toner, and before your daily moisturizer. So for the final result, i recommended this product (even though i don't use, but my mom did) and it's best for 30-ish women. For people that same age with me or under, we don't need this. Trust me, moisturizer is enough. 

By the way, for someone who support PETA or cruelty free association, i totally don't recommend this! This product is animal tested and i heard it clearly when the doctor said the scientist already tested on an animal's left and right wings.

When the party was over, we've got a goodie bag with foundation, essentials serum, and a handbag, but i was so lucky because I've got another goodie bag and it has a brush set and compact powder inside. One thing that i want to know; where's the ESPC? Is it a party that launched their new product, right? I mean, come on, it's not my first time to attended launching party and every time i came they always gave me (and other bloggers too) a product that related with what they launched. I know ESPC is expensive (it's IDR 700.000 for a box that contains 4 mini bottle ESPC) but why don't you gave us just one ESPC mini bottle to try so we can give you a testimonial about this new product. Okay, that's my opinion. Hopefully people from Ultima II read this post and will fix this in another launching party.

Under 100k Make Up Challenge; Reviews, Swatches, And Looks!

After took a long day voting, finally Indonesia Beauty Blogger forum made a decision to held a 'Under 100k Make Up Challenge'. So, in this post i'm gonna use bahasa.

Dengan Rp.100.000, aku bisa mendapatkan sembilan barang ini yang detailnya sebagai berikut(sesuai urutan nomor yang ada di foto atas :

  1. Foundation Mustika Ratu bengkoang Rp. 8000
  2. Moisturizer Mustika Ratu bengkoang Rp. 7000
  3. Eyeshadow Meis No.02 Rp. 10000
  4. Setting powder Marcks creme Rp. 6000
  5. Bulumata palsu Jolly Rp. 3000
  6. Pensil alis Sariayu coklat matang Rp. 8000
  7. Lem bulu mata Junies Rp.7000
  8. Blush on ELF Peachy Keen $3 / Rp.40000
  9. Lipstik Purbasari P07 Rp. 10000
  Total = Rp. 99.000

1. Foundation Mustika Ratu Bengkoang
Sebetulnya aku udah pernah punya foundation ini dulu, tapi karena aku beli foundation lain akhirnya ini aku kasih aja ke temenku. Alasan kenapa aku pilih foundation ini adalah foundation ini cuma ada satu warna dan cocok buat semua warna kulit (aku termasuk orang yang bingung kalau menyangkut nyocokin foundation sama warna kulit) selain itu, foundation ini bahan dasarnya air, makanya waktu diaplikasikan ke wajah terasa nggak pake apa - apa, kayak pake pelembab biasa. Oya, foundation ini juga cocok banget buat kulit kering karena dia juga mengandung moisturizer. Tanpa pake pelembab sebetulnya udah cukup, tapi karena kulitku cenderung super kering, makanya harus pakai pelembab dulu.

Foundation ini finishingnya matte, terus coverage-nya light to medium. Aku beli foundation ini di Superindo di dekat rumah.

2. Moisturizer Mustika Ratu bengkoang
Ini pelembab favoritku dan sehari - hari aku memang selalu pakai pelembab ini. Ringan banget dan terasa sejuk di muka, udah gitu wanginya lembut banget menurutku, wangi bengkoang dan susu. Sayangnya, moisturizer ini nggak ada kandungan spf-nya, tapi buat yang sehari - hari pakai BB cream pelembab ini cukup oke kok.

3. Eyeshadow Meis (02)
Kebanyakan make up lokal pasti aku beli di Pasar Mayestik, entah itu di toko Budi Mulia atau Harapan Subur. Nah, kebetulan eyeshadow ini aku temuin di Harapan Subur dengan pertanyaan "ada eyeshadow yang paling murah, bu?", haha dan langsung aja sang penjual ngasih aku eyeshadow ini. Pilihan warnanya sebetulnya banyak, tapi di toko itu cuma ada tiga pilihan warna dan yang termasuk warna monokrom cuma nomor 2 ini. Tadinya aku mau beli yang warna nude atau coklat, tapi ternyata nggak ada.

Awalnya sempet ragu sama eyeshadow ini tapi pas dipakai, wih pigmented banget! Tanpa eyeshadow base pun warnanya keluar walaupun harus 2 layer pakainya. Yang aku nggak suka dari eyeshadow ini adalah terlalu shimmery, nggak cocok untuk dipakai sehari - hari. Lebih cocok kalau dipakai saat pesta atau clubbing.

4. Setting powder Marcks (Creme)
Alasan kenapa aku pilih bedak ini? Murah rah rah rah! Nggak ada lagi yang ngalahin murahnya bedak ini hehehe. Eits, tapi mentang - mentang murah nggak berarti kualitas bedak ini murahan. Lasting power-nya cukup bagus kok, dan juga nggak bau bahan kimia karena bedak ini memang natural dan bisa dipakai sama orang yang jenis kulitnya sensitif.

5 & 7. Bulu mata palsu Jolly & Lem bulu mata Junies
Percaya atau tidak, ini pertama kalinya aku pasang bulu mata palsu tanpa bantuan orang lain. Biasanya, aku minta tolong di salon atau orang - orang yang udah ahli buat masang bulu mata palsu karena untuk sehari - hari aku terbiasa hanya memakai mascara. Jadi, mohon maaf yaa kalau nanti foto hasil make up-annya rada - rada ancur di bagian bulu mata hehehe.

6. Pensil alis Sariayu (Coklat Matang)
Niatnya beli pensil alis ini supaya bisa dwifungsi dijadiin eyeliner juga, tapi ternyata pensil alis ini keras banget dan susah keluar warnanya. Pensil alis ini waterproof banget, susah banget dibersihin walaupun udah tiga kali digosok - gosok.

8. Blush on ELF (Peachy Keen)
Sebetulnya aku udah punya blush on ini udah agak lama, udah sekitar dua bulanan. Aku juga sudah pernah me review blush on ini disini. Blush on ini aku beli di forum female daily. Aku beli barang - barang disini buat dipakai terus - terusan, soalnya sayang juga kalau cuma dipakai sekali aja hehehe.

Blush ini nggak begitu keliatan warnanya, tapi karena pas diaplikasiin warnanya orange kecoklatan, maka aku pakai blush ini untuk contouring tulang pipi aja, jadi kalau kena matahari keliatan glowing sehat.

9. Lipstik Purbasari (P07)
Ini juga hasil nanya sama penjualnya "lipstik yang paling murah" dan sisa uang nggak lebih dari 15000 rupiah. Si penjual pun langsung menyodorkan aku lipstik merk ini. Lagi - lagi aku ragu, dan lagi - lagi aku kaget sama hasilnya. Bagus, nggak kalah sama revlon atau pun MAC dari segi kualitas. Malahan, kalau pakai lipstik MAC bibir harus benar - benar sehat karena dia bikin kering bibir, lipstik ini bagus walaupun dipakai tanpa lipbalm karena sudah ada kandungan moisturizernya. Warna pilihannya banyak dan sama seperti lipstik lain, setelah makan pasti langsung hilang warnanya.

Nah, setelah selesai me-review produk satu persatu, inilah penampakanku memakai make up diatas;

Aubeau Double Peeling Action; Reviews and Swatches

My Thoughts

I never use peeling cream or had a peeling at beauty parlor or dermatologist at all because i always thought peeling is needed for people who have an oily skin and my skintype is normal to dry (sometimes it can be very dry). When i came to Budi Mulia (a beauty shop at my country) the sales assistant offered a peeling cream from Aubeau and she said i need it because i have quite enough whiteheads around my apple of the ceek and blackheads around my nose, also she said this peeling cream suits for all skin type. So, i would give it a try.

The first time i tried this cream, it has generous small granules with brown colour and it exfoliates dead skin cells, whiteheads and bleackheads in my face. I have to rub it around my face about five minutes and rinse it after that. I feel like my face's so soft and springy and i feel like i want to touch it again and again but still, after 15 minutes i could feel my face was reaaly dry and i still need moisturizer cream after i use this peeling cream. There's no scent in this product so someone who doesn't like product with scent will like it.

I have to use this product routine 3 times a week so my blackheads and whiteheads will fastly removes.

You might like it if..

  - You have a problem with blackheads
  - You have a sensitive skin
  - You expect a thorough scrubbing action
  - You dont like a product with scent

You might not like it if..

  - You can't use it routine
  - You expect a product with scent

My rating 


This is Indonesian product which is just people from Indonesia who could try it. I bought it in Budi Mulia Mayestik at Jakarta for IDR 35.000