Aubeau Double Peeling Action; Reviews and Swatches

My Thoughts

I never use peeling cream or had a peeling at beauty parlor or dermatologist at all because i always thought peeling is needed for people who have an oily skin and my skintype is normal to dry (sometimes it can be very dry). When i came to Budi Mulia (a beauty shop at my country) the sales assistant offered a peeling cream from Aubeau and she said i need it because i have quite enough whiteheads around my apple of the ceek and blackheads around my nose, also she said this peeling cream suits for all skin type. So, i would give it a try.

The first time i tried this cream, it has generous small granules with brown colour and it exfoliates dead skin cells, whiteheads and bleackheads in my face. I have to rub it around my face about five minutes and rinse it after that. I feel like my face's so soft and springy and i feel like i want to touch it again and again but still, after 15 minutes i could feel my face was reaaly dry and i still need moisturizer cream after i use this peeling cream. There's no scent in this product so someone who doesn't like product with scent will like it.

I have to use this product routine 3 times a week so my blackheads and whiteheads will fastly removes.

You might like it if..

  - You have a problem with blackheads
  - You have a sensitive skin
  - You expect a thorough scrubbing action
  - You dont like a product with scent

You might not like it if..

  - You can't use it routine
  - You expect a product with scent

My rating 


This is Indonesian product which is just people from Indonesia who could try it. I bought it in Budi Mulia Mayestik at Jakarta for IDR 35.000

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