Ultima II Launching Party Review

That's the host, Arie

Me, Meilani, and Rima
Titi Kamal and Dr. Kristie

I was invited by Ultima II to came into their launching party on Wednesday, July 18th at The Only One Club, FX Sudirman. They sent me an email and said the dress code was Touch of Silver and Black so i wore my grey (hey, grey means silver, right? :p) puffy hand shirt and mini black skirt.

I was late because of traffic jam so i came at 7 o'clock. I thought the party already started but it wasn't. It hadn't start yet and when i went in the club, i feel like in a stranger world because i don't know anybody at all! So when i saw someone whose her face is well known for me (it's Marsha from Blush Off, actually), i talked to her and asked may i sit beside her, and she said yes.It's not only her who sat around that table, but also Rima, Mei, and Shella. They were so nice and beautiful.

The party was started around 7.15 (see, that's Indonesian people's problems; always late). It started with the dancer that bring ESPC box and then the host went up to the stage. The host named Ari was funny and talkative, and of course pretty too. She wore silver dress and bling-bling wedges (i love her shoes!). She wasn't alone because there were the ambassador of Ultima II, Titi Kamal and a dermatologist, Dr. Kristie and she explained about the product that they launched; Ultima II Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen.

Picture courtesy by Ultima II Facebook

Extraordinaire Supreme Pure Collagen or what we called ESPC is a serum for people whose entered the age of 30 or already 30 something. Why? Because generally, most of 30 years old women already has a smooth wrinkles and their levels of collagen is decreased. So that's why Ultima II created ESPC, to helped us keep our skin moistfull, tighter, and softer.

ESPC contains this formulas:
- Pure Marine Collagen, high concentrated (to replace damaged collagen skin so that it can improve the elasticity of the face)
- Marine Elastin (to help fill in the density of skin face layer)
- Dynalift (to improve skin firmness)
- Hexapeptide 10 (improve the bonding layer of the dermis and epidermis)
- Tripeptide-10 Citruline (Vitamin B5 and AMC)

They introduced us to Mrs. Liz Kusbiono who already used Ultima II product since she was in 32 years old and now she is 72 years old but her skin face still looks tight and soft. She's funny and she said she's an old fashioned woman because she never wanted to do face lift, botox, or some kind like that and she just trusted in Ultima II for her skincare products.

Me with Mrs. Liz
ESPC best use in the morning after cleanser and toner, and before your daily moisturizer. So for the final result, i recommended this product (even though i don't use, but my mom did) and it's best for 30-ish women. For people that same age with me or under, we don't need this. Trust me, moisturizer is enough. 

By the way, for someone who support PETA or cruelty free association, i totally don't recommend this! This product is animal tested and i heard it clearly when the doctor said the scientist already tested on an animal's left and right wings.

When the party was over, we've got a goodie bag with foundation, essentials serum, and a handbag, but i was so lucky because I've got another goodie bag and it has a brush set and compact powder inside. One thing that i want to know; where's the ESPC? Is it a party that launched their new product, right? I mean, come on, it's not my first time to attended launching party and every time i came they always gave me (and other bloggers too) a product that related with what they launched. I know ESPC is expensive (it's IDR 700.000 for a box that contains 4 mini bottle ESPC) but why don't you gave us just one ESPC mini bottle to try so we can give you a testimonial about this new product. Okay, that's my opinion. Hopefully people from Ultima II read this post and will fix this in another launching party.

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