Vote Me and Join My Giveaway!

I've choosen to become Top 100 Semifinalist Fimelova Goes to Paris and i really really wish that i can be the winner! Okay, for you who don't know what it is, It's a contest that i accidentally joined. One day, i surfed to Fimela's website and there's an ad about this contest. I had to answer around 10 questions about food, monument, language, and celebrity from France.

Three days ago, when i felt so badmood a strange local number called me and i didn't expect anything. She said she's from and she told me that i'm one of the semifinalist of that contest! Yippee! God is so kind, when i feel so down suddenly he gave me something and it's like he said 'surprise' to me. By the way, she said i might send a photo that presented my stylem and it has to be as stylist as possible. Well, i'm not stylist. I prefer buy make up or another skincare than buy fashion stuffs. I'm kind of simple person. I like to wear t-shirt with short, cardigan with dress, or maybe just boyfriend oversized shirt with belt. Pret-a-porter; that's my style. I love accessories, too. For me, it's not complete if going out without it, even it's just a ring or a bracelet.

So, i wish i can step ahead to Top 10 Finalist and then become a winner. I really need your vote, guys! Oh, for you who already voted me, we can make a deal. I'm gonna give you a prize. Yes baby, this is some kind of a giveaway.

If i were choosen to be a winner, i will give you this
And this...
I hope you like the prize and mind if you join this giveaway, but every giveaway has a rules and here's my rules :

  1. You must follow my blog via GFC
  2. You must vote my look at fimela's website and here's the "LINK"
  3. You must write a comment in this post. Write your name, email,blog link, and post link.
  4. You must write a post about this giveaway and give my photo contest link at Fimela

I really appreciate your vote and support, and thank you for your time to read my blog. Oh, and here's my photo which i send to Fimela


  1. GFC : sabrina tedjokusuma
    Email :

  2. GFC: adel

    I like your style. Good luck girl :D


    Good luck for the contest!

  4. GFC: hanalone

    Good luck girl :D

  5. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  6. fotonya cantik^^

    sampe kpn ka giveawaynya??