NOTD : China Glaze Bohemian Series in Unpredictable

  This is the first time i review nail polish. I'm not a nail polish addict, so i used to think i'll just review make up product. But, i recently interesting with nail polish so it's okay if i reviewed it. I hope you guys like it :)

My Thoughts
Like I said, i'm not a fan of nail polish. But someday, i stopped at an online shop named and my eyes couldn't stop staring at this nail polish. Yes, i really want to try this duochrome nail polish. Actually, OPI has it but in my country it's very expensive (about Rp. 190.000 or around $19. Extremely different with US actual price) yet it's not available anymore because it's old series. So, i might try this nail polish and the price is quite reasonable. The seller was so nice, and she always answer my questions.

Unpredictable is from Bohemian series. It's green color with blue and gold based and like i said, it's duochrome. I never get bored with this color. The finish is glossy and  the formula is very subtle. I love it because it dries quickly and lightweight. Yap, sometimes i feel my nails feels so heavy whenever i used nail polish. By the way, sorry for my short nails because i recently cut my nails but i really want to post a review about this nail polish. I used 2 coats without top coat.

I bought it at for Rp. 100.000. Not too expensive, because US retail price is around $8.

Photo of The Day : Arm Candy

Versatile Blogger Award

I'm so happy because i've got Versatile Blogger Award from Lalaluna and Lyne. Both of them are one of member in Indonesian Beauty Blogger. Thanks to both of you :D

So, I have to to this when i received this award :

 1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
 2. Let the nominated know what they have been nominated for this award
 3. Shared 7 random fact about yourself
 4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
 5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

Aaand, here's 7 random things about myself:

1. Besides makeup, i also love books. Yap, i love reading and my favorite book genre is non-fiction. Every time i went to shopping mall i never missed to visit bookstore. I've been a book collector since i was in elementary school. I'm always dreaming to have a white comfortable library at my home someday.
2. Durians is my biggest enemy! I never ever like this fruit. I hate its smell and taste.
3. My favourite colour is teal, turquoise, and aqua. I love this green color with blue based.
4. Lip balm is essential thing that i can't live without. I have a super dry skin and either my lips. I have to use it after shower and before go to sleep.
5. I really want to go to baking school or any cooking school. The problem is, it will cost my dad's life. Super expensive.
6.  I'm in love with Johnny Depp. This bastard old man always success melted my heart whenever i watch his movie. I watched almost all of his movie and my favorite is Edward Scissorhands.
7. I always want to go to Japan. I want to visit Disneyland, Disneysea, and Universal Studio.

Now i will nominate this award to 15 fellow blogger and here it is the list:

Zatura Shop Discount Party!

In this post i will use Bahasa again. Why? Because i will give you, especially for Indonesian residents, an important and delight information! So, let's check this out..
Semuanya pasti udah tau dong sama Zatura Shop. Belum? Wahh, kalau gitu aku kasih tau dulu deh buat yang belum tau. Zatura Shop adalah online shop di Indonesia yang menjual produk - produk kecantikan dari Korea dan USA.

Apa sih kelebihan Zatura Shop daripada online shop lainnya? Hmm, let's see..

1. Kalau biasanya online shop lain menjual produk - produk drugstore brand saja, Zatura tidak cuma menjual produk drugstore brand dan Korean brand aja, tapi juga high end brand seperti Benefit dan MAC

2. Zatura Shop nggak cuma menjual kosmetik aja, lho tapi juga menjual baju, dress, rok dari Forever21. Udah cantik, bisa langsung gaya juga kaann. 
3. Kalian bisa bandingkan harga produk yang dijual di Zatura Shop lebih murah dibanding online shop lain. Contohnya, tau dong kosmetik merk Benefit belum lama ini merilis liquid foundation? Yap, the famous Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow with SPF 15 itu. Aku udah liat berbagai macam online shop dan rata - rata semua menjual diatas harga 400 ribu rupiah. Nah, Zatura Shop menjual dengan harga yang cukup membuat ternganga yaitu hanya Rp. 375.000 saja! Jauh lebih murah kaaan?

4. Soal kualitas nggak perlu khawatir. Authentic original alias 100% asli! Kenapa aku berani bilang begitu? Karena aku udah beberapa kali order ke Zatura Shop dan produknya terbukti keasliannya. Bahkan, Zatura Shop juga sudah mensponsori number 1 beauty blogger di Indonesia yaitu Stella Lee.

5. Para seller di Zatura Shop sangat ramah dan quick reply banget. Nggak ada kata dijutekin atau balesan lama deh di Zatura Shop.

Nah, udah tau dong sekarang apa itu Zatura Shop dan juga segala kelebihannya? By the way, kabar yang lebih menggembirakan lagi adalah...


Zatura Shop gives you discount MINIMAL 10%!!!!
Harap dicatat! Minimal! Artinya kalian akan mendapatkan diskon yang lebih besar lagi kalau kalian belanja secara pre-order lebih banyak lagi. Who knows kalau kalian bakal dapet diskon up to 50%??? Barang - barang yang bisa di PO antara lain brand - brand Korea terkenal antara lain Etude, Skin Food, Missha, The Face Shop, Innisfree, dan masih banyak lagi. Diskon hanya berlaku sampai tanggal 5 September 2012.

Tunggu apalagi, ayo sekarang buruan buka new tab, ketik dan langsung pesan kosmetik yang kamu mau (udah kayak iklan di TV belom? Hehehehe) atau kamu juga bisa klik banner Zatura Shop yang ada di kanan blog aku ini.

Happy shopping, girls! ;)

Eid Mubarak; Food, Family, Makeup, Love

Signature food on Eid; Opor. Chicken curee with a lot of seasoning
Hello, everyone! Happy Eid Mubarak for all Moslem's around the world! It's time to forgive each other, renew relationships, and become a better person. Hope we can meet another Ramadan next year. Amen.

For me, Eid is a special time for my big family gathered, eat ketupat with another food that serves by my grand mother, and received money as much as possible lol. I usually went to grand mother's house by my father side after pray, then i went to grand mother's house by my mother side in the afternoon. I prefer my grandma from my mother side because she always cooks delicious food and cake and i really love her. She's the greatest women in the world!

This time, i will post a lot of photos of Eid Mubarak tradition start from  food, family, what i wear, until makeup what i use. Warning, this is a long post!

Bean Currie. It's salty and a little bit spicy
This is a food called pempek and come from my father's hometown, Palembang. Every year we always have open house Eid party and always serve this.

Sambal goreng ati, the greatest!
What i most like about Eid is THR or money like angpao in China. It's given from adult to young people like son, daughter, nephew, and niece. Eventhough i'm already 20 years old but i'm still hoping this money lol. In Eid day, we must dressed up in our best outfits, bling bling accessories, fancy shoes, and beautiful makeup.

I wore peach kaftan dress on Eid day. The first thing that came in my mind when i saw this dress is my Tarte blissful blush. It's a pretty dress with pink pearls around the neck. I'm using my usual neutral makeup and my new Rimmel lasting finish kate moss lipstick in no. 8.

My dad & my mom
Me with my mom and my little brother. Yes, we're different 17 years old
Mom & Sisters
My mom is the oldest daughter and this is her little sisters. My mom has Indian blood from my grand father and Padang from my grand mother. In this picture my mom's in the middle. Right beside her is my aunt named Yossi. She's the second daughter. Both of them is Tourism Ambassador of Jambi. On the left is the youngest daughter and her name is Media. She really loves makeup too. When i was 3 years old we lived together and every time she put her lipstick on i always take a look and she helped me to put her lip balm on. I still remembered it and i know where i've got the feeling of love for makeup.

This is me with my cousins, and we're the oldest of three child. Sadly, i'm the oldest grand daughter but i'm the smallest. My cousin whose stand in the middle is the tallest and she's still in junior high school.

So, how about your traditions on Eid day?

Face Of The Day : Independence Day

Yesterday was my country's independence day. For you who don't know where am i, I come from Indonesia and it's in Asia. Southeast Asia, for sure.

Today i want to share my face of the day and this is my first face of the day, ever! I know i'm not good at painting so it's just a simple face.

There's a little bit red and white liner above black liner but it's sheer and almost invisible. I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk and my red lip liner lol.

Product that i use
  Product list :

- Coastal Scents 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette
- Wet n Wild Palette in Comfort Zone
- Maybelline Great Lash
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
- Revlon Liquid Liner
- Majollica Majorca Lash Extend Mascara

- Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Dry Skin
- YSL Touche Eclat no. 1
- Bare Minerals Mineral Veil in Transluscent

- Bobbi Brown Lipliner in Red
- NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone; Swatches, Look, and Review!

I'm not a fan of eyeshadow. The fact, i just have 2 palettes until today; the neutral and the colourful ones. Someday i realized that i need another eyeshadow palette but this time i want something travel friendly so i can carry in my makeup bag and it must wearable for everyday. So, i decided to buy Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette.

My Thoughts
One of the reason why i buy this eyeshadow is some reviewers in Make Up Alley said this is dupe of Urban Decay Naked Palette. I absolutely doubt it. I mean, how come the high-end brand product can compared to one of the cheapest brand product?

When this palette arrived, i was suprised because i thought it's a small palette but it's quite big to carry in my makeup pouch and yes, it's really big for $5 eyeshadow. I heard a lot of reviews about this product and i already proved it. This eyeshadow is very subtle and don't forget it's very very pigmented. It's blendable too and like i said, it's wearable for everyday. The front is sealed with a safety seal and the back includes a small diagram on how to use the shadows.

One thing that i don't like is this eyeshadow is wrecked easily. You can see the picture above, on the left side the definer colour is a little bit broken. I love this eyeshadow because i can use it without eyeshadow primer. I didn't find too much bad side of this one except for the ugly brush. For me, this is one of the best drugstore products. It's not chalky and it doesn't feel heavy on my eyes.

  You might like it if...
- You want a cheap eyeshadow with a great quality
- You want a big eyeshadow palette
- You want a pigmented eyeshadow
- You want a neutral eyeshadow that wearable

  You might not like it if..
- You dont like eyeshadow with shimmer
- You can't find this one in your country

MAC Casual Color Lip & Cheek in Have a Lovely Day; Swatches and Review!

Swatches on my lip and cheek

Sometimes, people in hurry needs something that simple and all in one product, or maybe when we're travelling we just don't want to carry so many things in our bag. This is one of the reason why i bought this; MAC Casual Color lip and cheek.

My Thoughts
When the first time i saw this on MAC website, i fell in love at the first time! This is it, another multifunction product after Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. Cheaper, and has various different colour. It comes in 6 shades and actually, i really want to try Out For Fun or Relaxation because of their gorgeous peachy orange and fresh rose colour but always sold out. There are only two colours remaining; Have a Lovely Day (nude) and Evening Stroll (purple). Evening Stroll? No, thanks. I don't want to look like a zombie. So, the only choice is nude one.

It's arrived after 3 weeks and i was so excited! I tested on my lip and cheeks and i feel a little bit confused. Why? Okay, it's beautiful when i swatched on my cheeks but on my lips, it's a big no-no. It looks too pale on me and i really looked so sick (around NC 30 - NC 35). So, i think it will be great on people with light to light-medium complexion. I tested it a weeks ago and it lasted for 2 - 3 hours on my lips and around half day on my skin, above my foundation and loose powder.

Honestly, i love this product because it moisturizes my lips and it's great for everyday use. It has matte finish, no shimmer at all and looks so natural. I bought it for $20 at

  You might like it if..
- You want a multifunction product
- It's great for all skin types
- It has a matte finish
- You have a light to light-medium skintone
- You want a product that moisturizes your lips

  You might not like it if..
- You want a glossy finish
- You don't like sheer finish
- You think it's not hygienic

  My score

(Late) July Haul

Hello! I'm sorry for a long hiatus. It's simply because i have worked last month from 9 am- 5.30 pm. Plus, since it was a holy month for moslem (and we called it Ramadhan) i have to get up on 3 am everyday to eat and in the morning until 6 pm I'm fasting. I couldn't sleep late at night. I have a lack of sleep and my dark puffy eyes become darker. Oh no, my only saviour this time is just an eyecream and a concealer.

By the way, that's the picture of my haul. It came on early August and some of them come from my friend who lives in San Fransisco.

Sigma travel kit 'Make Me Cool', Wet n Wild megaliner black, Maybelline mascara, Maybelline clear mascara, Anastasia topcoat mascara, Estee Lauder BB cream sample

Finally, i bought Sigma brush eventhough it's in travel edition and i've got it in my favourite colour; teal! I bought all of mascaras and eyeliner at Drugstore except Anastasia topcoat mascara. It's a sample that i've got from Nordstrom, and also the BB cream.

Benefit b.right radiant kit, Yes to Carrots liptint, Chanel Rouge a Levres no. 21, NYX round in Raisin, NYX round in Thalia, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer, Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish no. 8
The main reason why i bought Benefit skincare is because the reviewer in Makeupalley said it moisturizes and suits for dry skin, and it does! I'll review it next week maybe.

Real Techniques blush brush
Again, finally i've got this brush! I've bought it at and this one is always sold out!

Wet n Wild in comfort zone, Fresh lip treatment birthday treat, Rimmel eyebrow in dark brown
MAC casual color in have a lovely day, Rimmel bronzer, Maybelline babylips in grape vine, Hard Candy glamoflauge in medium

Another Giveaway

Soo much giveaway!