Eid Mubarak; Food, Family, Makeup, Love

Signature food on Eid; Opor. Chicken curee with a lot of seasoning
Hello, everyone! Happy Eid Mubarak for all Moslem's around the world! It's time to forgive each other, renew relationships, and become a better person. Hope we can meet another Ramadan next year. Amen.

For me, Eid is a special time for my big family gathered, eat ketupat with another food that serves by my grand mother, and received money as much as possible lol. I usually went to grand mother's house by my father side after pray, then i went to grand mother's house by my mother side in the afternoon. I prefer my grandma from my mother side because she always cooks delicious food and cake and i really love her. She's the greatest women in the world!

This time, i will post a lot of photos of Eid Mubarak tradition start from  food, family, what i wear, until makeup what i use. Warning, this is a long post!

Bean Currie. It's salty and a little bit spicy
This is a food called pempek and come from my father's hometown, Palembang. Every year we always have open house Eid party and always serve this.

Sambal goreng ati, the greatest!
What i most like about Eid is THR or money like angpao in China. It's given from adult to young people like son, daughter, nephew, and niece. Eventhough i'm already 20 years old but i'm still hoping this money lol. In Eid day, we must dressed up in our best outfits, bling bling accessories, fancy shoes, and beautiful makeup.

I wore peach kaftan dress on Eid day. The first thing that came in my mind when i saw this dress is my Tarte blissful blush. It's a pretty dress with pink pearls around the neck. I'm using my usual neutral makeup and my new Rimmel lasting finish kate moss lipstick in no. 8.

My dad & my mom
Me with my mom and my little brother. Yes, we're different 17 years old
Mom & Sisters
My mom is the oldest daughter and this is her little sisters. My mom has Indian blood from my grand father and Padang from my grand mother. In this picture my mom's in the middle. Right beside her is my aunt named Yossi. She's the second daughter. Both of them is Tourism Ambassador of Jambi. On the left is the youngest daughter and her name is Media. She really loves makeup too. When i was 3 years old we lived together and every time she put her lipstick on i always take a look and she helped me to put her lip balm on. I still remembered it and i know where i've got the feeling of love for makeup.

This is me with my cousins, and we're the oldest of three child. Sadly, i'm the oldest grand daughter but i'm the smallest. My cousin whose stand in the middle is the tallest and she's still in junior high school.

So, how about your traditions on Eid day?


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