(Late) July Haul

Hello! I'm sorry for a long hiatus. It's simply because i have worked last month from 9 am- 5.30 pm. Plus, since it was a holy month for moslem (and we called it Ramadhan) i have to get up on 3 am everyday to eat and in the morning until 6 pm I'm fasting. I couldn't sleep late at night. I have a lack of sleep and my dark puffy eyes become darker. Oh no, my only saviour this time is just an eyecream and a concealer.

By the way, that's the picture of my haul. It came on early August and some of them come from my friend who lives in San Fransisco.

Sigma travel kit 'Make Me Cool', Wet n Wild megaliner black, Maybelline mascara, Maybelline clear mascara, Anastasia topcoat mascara, Estee Lauder BB cream sample

Finally, i bought Sigma brush eventhough it's in travel edition and i've got it in my favourite colour; teal! I bought all of mascaras and eyeliner at Drugstore except Anastasia topcoat mascara. It's a sample that i've got from Nordstrom, and also the BB cream.

Benefit b.right radiant kit, Yes to Carrots liptint, Chanel Rouge a Levres no. 21, NYX round in Raisin, NYX round in Thalia, Rimmel Lasting Finish in Amethyst Shimmer, Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish no. 8
The main reason why i bought Benefit skincare is because the reviewer in Makeupalley said it moisturizes and suits for dry skin, and it does! I'll review it next week maybe.

Real Techniques blush brush
Again, finally i've got this brush! I've bought it at Ulta.com and this one is always sold out!

Wet n Wild in comfort zone, Fresh lip treatment birthday treat, Rimmel eyebrow in dark brown
MAC casual color in have a lovely day, Rimmel bronzer, Maybelline babylips in grape vine, Hard Candy glamoflauge in medium


  1. wah bisa dapet Babylips yang tinted
    sama mascara Great Lash yang udah discontinue di sini *keren*

  2. wahh di jakarta emg jual great lash yaa? aku malah nggatauu hehe. iya ini juga hasil nitip sm temen hehe

  3. wah banyaakkk termasuk sigma ms.bunny <3 <3