Borrow Your Makeup

Do you let your friends borrow your makeup?

I do, yes. In fact, i really want to be a professional makeup artist and i currently still learning the best techniques of put on makeup to my clients. Since i still get a money from my parents, my makeup is not much. I just have less than five foundations and four of them are drugstores brand, 2 blushes, some brushes, and etc. So yes, what my clients use is everything that i use too.

The reason why i wrote this because i have a friend that borrowed my makeup everyday. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a miserly person or any kind of that, but i just hate it because it's about hygiene problem. I'm not a hygiene-freak person but hey, it's something that you put on your skin, right? I already told them(yes, not only 1 person borrowed my makeup!)to use a brush, I've put a kabuki brush for someone who maybe wants to try my compact powder but they still use my sponge. My skin is very dry, i never have pimples and i don't want to have it! Another case, lip products. For me, lip is very important and vital. I don't want to share lipstick, lipgloss, or lipbalm to anyone else except my mom. If there someone else want to try my lipstick, of course i will give it a try with lip brush, and i really hate that someone who took my makeup bag and put on my lipstick DIRECTLY on their lips! I couldn't say no and can't angry too so yeah, i just keep it in my mind and on the other day, i never bring my makeup pouch, and it's hard to do because i feel like something's missing.

So, this time i need your comment. I need you to help me, if you were me, how do you solve this problem?

New Hair Cut & FOTD

I cut my hair yesterday and it's inpired by Lea Michele's hair in Nylon Magazine's cover. I haven't trimmed my hair yet since around May or June because i want my hair grow longer (believe me, my hairstyle's never change) So, when i was in a magazine stall, take a look at all of cover magazines, and suddenly my eyes staring at Nylon's and it's like i said 'i want to cut my hair like this!', and then i bought that magazine.

On the other day, i went to beauty parlour and talked to my hairstylist which this hairstyle good at me or not, he just smirked and said 'this is great for you'. He said great because Lea and I have a same shape; long face with big eyes. Actually, i feel like a little bit of scared because a year ago, i cut my hair same like that. Layer hair with flat bangs, and it was totally failed. I looked so chubby and my hair turned fluffy. I just can pray whenever my hairstylist cut my hair. Then, i thought God answer my prayer, and this is the result of my new hair...

What do you think about my new hair? Which one do you like, the old or the new one? By the way, i do a Face of The Day and this is another FOTD pictures

Face :
Mustika ratu bengkoang moisturizer
Revlon foundie medium beige
MAC concealer nw25
YSL touche eclat #4.5
Rimmel bronzer
Revlon blush (lupa nomernya)

Eyes :
NYX HD eyeshadow base
UD roller girl
NYX jumbo pencil milk
Majollica majorca lash king expander mascara
Maybelline great lash mascara

Lips :
Rimmel lip pecil nude
MAC concealer nw25
Faceshop black label lipstick retro orange

FOTD : Pistachio & Chocolate

I know i know it's been a long time I'm not blogging. I'm so sorry but what can i say, i really want to open my dashboard, take a picture, edit, write a review, and post it but i don't have much time. Hiks, so sad :(

Finally, i have (little) time to play with my makeup. This time i give a title pistachio and chocolate. Why? Because the basic eyeshadow colour which i use is green and chocolate.

Face :
Benefit total moisture
MAC Fix fluid nc30
Hard Candy concealer medium
Bare Minerals powder
YSL Touche eclat #2
NYX blush terracotta

Eyes :
UD Skull Shadow Box ( Cherry, Shattered, Twice baked)
NYX HD base
Revlon liquid liner
Maybelline mascara
Majollica mascara (bottom)
Maybelline clear lash

Lips :
Fresh lip balm
Revlon mauve it over
NYX Mega shine gloss crystal