Borrow Your Makeup

Do you let your friends borrow your makeup?

I do, yes. In fact, i really want to be a professional makeup artist and i currently still learning the best techniques of put on makeup to my clients. Since i still get a money from my parents, my makeup is not much. I just have less than five foundations and four of them are drugstores brand, 2 blushes, some brushes, and etc. So yes, what my clients use is everything that i use too.

The reason why i wrote this because i have a friend that borrowed my makeup everyday. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a miserly person or any kind of that, but i just hate it because it's about hygiene problem. I'm not a hygiene-freak person but hey, it's something that you put on your skin, right? I already told them(yes, not only 1 person borrowed my makeup!)to use a brush, I've put a kabuki brush for someone who maybe wants to try my compact powder but they still use my sponge. My skin is very dry, i never have pimples and i don't want to have it! Another case, lip products. For me, lip is very important and vital. I don't want to share lipstick, lipgloss, or lipbalm to anyone else except my mom. If there someone else want to try my lipstick, of course i will give it a try with lip brush, and i really hate that someone who took my makeup bag and put on my lipstick DIRECTLY on their lips! I couldn't say no and can't angry too so yeah, i just keep it in my mind and on the other day, i never bring my makeup pouch, and it's hard to do because i feel like something's missing.

So, this time i need your comment. I need you to help me, if you were me, how do you solve this problem?


  1. susah juga ya >.<"

    mungkin yg ga mau di share dipindah aja ke pouch kecil lain? jadi ga bareng dan ga bisa seenaknya ikut dijamah ..

    lebih ribet sih, tapi menghindari hal2 yg ga enak ^^

    ps. trus gimana tuh anak2 FD yg jualan lipstick preloved? hahaha ..

  2. hmm gitu ya? agak ribet ya, tapi demi menjaga kehigienis-an hehe
    haha waduh, itu sih prinsip masing2 ya kl mau jual atau beli lipstik preloved, kl yg nekat ya monggo, kl yg orgnya sama kayak aku yaa jgn beli hehehe

  3. dulu (sampe sekarang sih LOL) aku seriiing banget dipinjemin nail polish sama temen2. karena emang mereka ga respect atau mungkin self statement berasa punya sendiri, alhasil nail polish-ku belepotan dan jadi mengental :(

    saran dari aku aja sih, mungkin kalo brush dan spons taro ditempat yang beda gimana?? atau bilang ke mereka "eh emang lo ga jijay apa itu spons kan bekas muka gw~~ ntar begini-begituloh" so far cara begitu ampuh sih buat aku >.<

    that just my opinion :)salam kenal yaaah~~
    mind to come to my blog??

  4. That is not hygienic at all! I do let my friends borrow my make up but they use their clean brushes and I use mine.
    I guess what you can do in this case is to just buy those disposable sponges, lip brushes, eye applicators to let them use that instead of your tools or sponges. These disposable items are a MUST in Makeup artists' bag so since you are planning to become one, why not just buy those disposables items already. no worries! When they want to borrow it, make sure to tell them straight that they cannot use your sponges or brushes. Can't follow the rules, don't use the product. simple as that. good luck :) hope this helps.


    It's a big no for me to share my makeup with anyone. Even my best friend.

    Especially lip products. Yikes. Even when we're best friend there are some things that have to be kept private.

    Fortunately enough, I am not a fan of powder, so I never brought any. Means, none of my friends can borrow that. LOL.