2013 New Year's Resolution

We will face a new year less than 24 hours. I thought it would be nice if i make a new year's resolution. I know i always made it every year and some of them wasn't happened lol. But, i always try to make it happen and i hope this year, in 2013 i can reach all of them. So, here it is the resolution:

  1. Enjoying exercise and lose 10 pounds.
  2. Make my parents proud.
  3. Saving much money and don't waste it too much for makeup.
  4. Take a good care of my skin conditions.
  5. Wash my face, clean all of my makeup before go to bed.
  6. Learn a lot about how to become professional makeup artist.
  7. Become more mature
  8. Drink more water and vitamin C&E! It's really good for my body
  9.  Become a great girl to my boyfriend
 10. Enjoying life!
 11. Use face mask twice a week
 12. Be a productive blogger. Post it often, at least twice a week for example every Wednesday and Sunday.

 So, what's your new year's resolutions? I hope you guys have a great new year :)

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