Sunday Faces #1

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I've been wanting to make a permanent article in my blog but i'm confused and this "what-this-article-about?" question always spinning around my head. Suddenly, when i woke up this morning i've got an idea and it's like there's a light bulb appears beside my head. Finally i found what this article about, wohoo!

  The new permanent article named "Sunday Faces". What its all about? Well, sunday is weekend and usually people go hanging out to another place on this day, either am i. So this article fill with (many) pictures of me, what makeup products that i use with its photo, and mini reviews. Overall, this articles are same with kind of FOTD posts.

  On the first 'Sunday Faces' post today, i would say it's natural but blushing look. I'm just going to restaurant with my father and swag brothers which usually sunday is our sushi time.

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Face : On my face, i applied Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser With SPF 20 in Sand. i went for something with light coverage to evens out my skintone. After that, i use L.A. Girl Pro Concealer HD in Pure Beige. This one's quite a steal as a concealer because it's cheap but can hide my bluish dark circles. I sprayed all over my face with Urban Decay All Nighter spray and after waiting for five minutes, i use Ultima II Hydrating Powder in Beige to set my face makeup.

  Eyes : I rarely use eyeshadow and this time i just line my upperline with Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil Liner in Brown. It's a beautiful incandescent brown pencil liner and suitable to use daily. As a mascara hoarder, i can't skip L'oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. This one's not my holy grail but just great to gives volume to my lashes. By the way, sorry for my unruly eyebrows. I promise i will trim it next wednesday.

  Lips : I'm a huge fan of lip products and this Sunday i just applied NYX Lip Cream in Antwerp. Many bloggers claims it's a coral color but it turns to be pink on me. I don't know, but i still like it.

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