Beauty Event : L'occitane Holiday Party

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  Two weeks ago, i was invited to L'occitane Holiday Party at Mama Goose restaurant. When i arrived, L'occitane team greet me with a smile and they offered hand massage and french braid.

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  This is one of L'occitane team who did french braid. She's really nice! She asked me what kind of braid that i want and i was so confused. I didn't have idea and she helped me to find what's the most suitable braid for me. When i saw the result, i love it. Too bad i forgot to ask her name

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Hand massage booth. Free to choose favorite scent of their hand cream
  The party started a little bit late because we have to wait another bloggers to come. It was raining cat and dog on that day. When i was waiting for the party started, i was looking around the restaurant and beside hand  massage booth, there's a table with lots of box and gifts accecories. I didn't know what for that things at first but then Ms. Jihan told me it's for competition. So we, all bloggers can customize and wrap the gifts for someone.

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  After did french braid and hand massage, i realized L'occitane team brought all of their collection and i'm amazed and asked to myself 'how can they bring all of this items?'. So, i will show you the pictures of their products :

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  Amande Collections
Amande or almond has the softest smell among the collections. I don't really like it but one of blogger, Mei from Pygmalion Land loves it because she's pregnant now and the smell relieves her. They're well known too for erase the cellulites.

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Aromachologie Collections
Famous for hair care and treatment. There are so many variants such as volumizing, repairing, and radiance & colour care.

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Angelica Collections
Angelica or magic plants is the newest skincare range. Helps to hydrate skin whether you're skintype is oily, normal, or dry. Suitable for teenager and early twenty years women.

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Immortelle Brightening Collections
Look like daisy flower but actually it's not. It's immortelle which i don't have idea what flower it is but they said it's well-known as everlasting flower. For a dull skin gals, you should try it. Seriously, i'm drooling over this range because i'm obsessed with bright skin.

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Limited Edition Collection
Here it is their newest limited edition collection and the called its '&' collection. The scents are from two ingredients which the main ingredients original from French. My favourite is the vert & bigarade. Smells so fresh!

  Alright guys, that's some of their collections. After the party, they served as with delicious meal. I chosed spaghetti bolognaise with lychee ice tea.

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Merry Christmas, Guys!

  Hi guys, sorry for MIA in a long looong time. The good news is, exam's over! Wohoo! I can update my blog as often as possible. By the way, i know it's been so late but merry christmas, beautiful! Hope the joy and happiness always with us.

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  This is my makeup for christmas day, but too bad i can't post it before christmas because of the assignment(s) was waiting for me. I feel so relieved it's over now. So tell me, how's your christmas day?

Let's Thread In Narsih Salon

  For you my loyal readers, i'm sure you guys know several times in my blog posts i told you my eyebrows are unruly. I really want to do threading but i didn't have time because all of this college thingy. So two days ago, i had a chance to did it and i threaded my eyebrows at Narsih Salon.

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  Tell me i'm so out of date, i recently known this place approximately around three months ago from my neighbour. I always adore her eyebrows and i thought it's her brow natural shape. Someday, i asked her that is she know the best place to threading beside Browhaus? 

  Okay, all of you must be familiar with Browhaus because it's the best and expensive place for waxing and threading. Last year, once i asked for a price at Browhaus, it's around 200k for only threading. I gotta admit, if i have to thread my eyebrows once in a two months, i can't afford it. Hey, i'm still a student. I get  money from my parents and i won't say 'mom, i need threading fee every two months'. Bleh.

  Back then, my neighbour mentioned Narsih Salon. I was thinking so hard at this time. What kind Salon of with that old - fashioned name? Then, i had a researched on the internet and i was quite suprised because it's a famous, legendary waxing and threading place in town with maximum services. Another plus is, it's suitbale for low budget person like me!  Don't ever thinking about big salon at the centre of town. It's just an ordinary house that has small salon for threading and waxing and the access to that place is quite difficult. I once went there with my mom before Eid-al-Adha and whoa, it was full-booked! There were more than 70 people waiting for their chance. I was shocked and didn't expect that. After that day, my curiousity getting increase and increase. I've been wanting to try their service and finally, twi days ago my wish came true.

  I arrived there around 9 o'clock, i thought i was too early but the fact i wasn't. There's already three ladies had waxing and threading. Many people said if you want to do threading, you better try Mrs. Narsih's hand because you will content with the results, but at that day bu Narsih was absent. So another person take my eyebrows and i'm still feeling content. The place is also clean and exclusive for women. Before you had a treatment, you have to write your name and what would you like done in a small book in front of the house. Another things that i like is the staff are nice and friendly and really know their stuff. They seem to be treated well by the owner and you can tell by how they treat each other and the customers.
  After i write in a small book, the staff started to do their job. If any beauty salon do threading eyebrows with tweezer, it's different in here. They do it with white string. 

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    It's not that hurts like when i had threading with tweezer and they did it fast, around 15 minutes for couple of eyebrows. The results is great. My eyebrows is arched down and they can make it up! Looove this place and definitely will go back some time. By the way, for a price, you just have to pay Rp. 30.000 for threading eyebrows. They open everyday at 9 am until 6 pm.

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Sunday Faces #3 : Casual Date Makeup

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  Another sunday and of course it must be another sunday faces. I hope you guys doesn't feel booo ~ ring see my fotd every last day of the week and today, the theme is date makeup.

  I rarely go out with my boyfriend every saturday because both of us can't stand of traffic jam. For Jakarta citizen, all of you have already know that we can sit inside a car for more than hours even if the destination's so close from where we are. We prefer have a date on sunday because the situation's not too crowded. By the way, my boyfriend doesn't like me when i put my makeup on. He loves to se my natural bare face so i have to tricked him whenever we go out. Anyone have type of boyfriend like me? Raise your hand and let me show you how to tricked them :)

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  For my sandy brown eyelid, i chose pink and taupe color this time. First, i primed my whole eyelid with NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer and wait for a minute until it dry perfectly. After that, with my ring finger i applied Shiseido Eyeshadow Cream in PK 214. It's a gorgeous pink - champagne color with subtle shimmer. Actually you can use it as a primer but i prefer use primer first to make it stays on well. I use lavish color which is a matte taupe color in MUA 'Undress Me Too' palette on the outer corners and blended it well. I didn't use any eyeliner because i want my eye makeup looks soft. I couldn't live without mascara so i used Maybelline Megaplush Mascara in Blackest Black. For eyebrows, still haven't trim it yet but soon i will do it!

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  Next to face makeup, i want to brightens my complexion so that's why i used another perfect combination such as Tarte Brightening Primer and Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Beige. Tarte brightening primer has a bad oil control and it doesn't matter for me because i'm a dry skin gal. Hello flawless has a dewy finish and today i won't look overly dewy and i set it up with Lucy Minerals Light Mineral Foundation but i forgot to took a picture. Seriously guys, it's a great mineral powder! It has a medium coverage. Next time i will review it, perhaps. After that, i used Tarte Blush in Exposed. It gave me blushing brownish plum color and i really love it. Didn't use any highlighting product because i didn't want him spotted my face and say 'baby, you're face glittering like disco ball'. Blah.

  For a lips, i used my another MLBB lip color which is Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over but before that, i applied lipbalm first.

MAC Cosmo Lipstick Review & Swatch

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  MAC has more than 50 range lipstick colors and its one of the best among another lipstick brands. Today i'm gonna post a review and swatches about one of its lipstick which is Cosmo. Cosmo has amplified finish where on the website said it's ultra creamy, full coverage, and quietly shiny.

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  MAC Cosmo is described as pink - coco and because there slightly has a hint of brown. It's a nice everyday color and goes with both neutral and smokey eye looks. I would say amplified is the best formula for me since i didn't find it's drying - my lips didn't chapped or cracked when i wear it. It's moisturizing and stays on pretty well. I've been wearing Cosmo for about 4 hours (8 AM until 12 PM) and when i ate something, it's fade up. Pretty normal for a lipstick staying power and i don't mind to reapply. For your info, i've been repurchased MAC Cosmo twice. I reaaally love it because it's really good and not too expensive for a high end brand lipstick, approximately it costs Rp. 215.000 through online order.

  For a medium to medium - dark skin gals, i told you, you're gonna love it as much as i do because somehow Cosmo gives me a brightening effect. At first i tough i was dellustional but once my mom told it so too. If you're a lip product collector, perhaps you can try MAC Cosmo because it's pretty MLBB color.

The Balm Hot Mama Review & Swatch

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 The Balm Hot Mama is one of The Balm products from 'mama' series. Another mama series are Bahama Mama the bronzer and transluscent setting powder Sexy Mama. The packaging is a thick cardbroard with built-in mirror that quite big and can be used for touch up.

  Hot Mama is a pretty pinky color that has golden fleck shimmer. On my NC 35 - 37 skintone color, it turns to be rosegold color. People always said it's a great dupe for Nars Orgasm powder blush but when i swatched them side by side, they're quite different because Nars Orgasm has more pink color. This product makes a healthy looking glow while its works as a highlighter too when your cheekbones just hit the light.

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 photo sundayfaces2.jpg

  The Balm Hot Mama texture is so buttery and crazy pigmented. Most of The Balm blush are pigmented and easy to blend. Another plus point is Every skin type can wear this blush. For staying power, i think it lasts quite long time for me, maybe about 5 - 6 hours if i didn't sweat much and stayed in indoor area.

  For you who prefer matte blush than shimmer blush, you can skip this one. This blush on available for around $21 at The Balm website and another website such as but luckily i got it at Hautelook sale half price which is around $12 - $ 15 last year. Overall, i love this blush! It's a soft color but a medium warm skintone babes still can rock this blush on.

Sunday Faces : Smoky Blue

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 It's sunday again. Oh my god, time flies so fast. It's already December and Christmas comes nearly. After that, new year has come then everybody celebrate it with light up the fireworks.

  I came back from my short trip and a lil' bit exhausted but for you my lovely readers, today's post consists of my smokey eyes makeup and i chosed blue as a companion with classic black base smokey eyes.This look is suitable for night time, you can choose this look if you want to go to club or party such as new year's eve party. Just remember focusing on your eye makeup, you don't need to use any bright color lipstick or blush on so you don't look too much. So, move onto the makeup!

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  Face : actually, i didn't go anywhere but i'm just trying to make a new lookfor Sunday's articles. This time i didn't use face primer but if you wanna attend a party, especially new year's eve party you must use face primer unless you want your face look like a bowl of cream cheese lol. It's my good skin day so i used a foundation that has light coverage and made my skin looks flawless which is Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Medium Beige.Since Nearly Naked just evens out my skintone, i use heavy concealer like NYX Orange Concealer In Jar and L.A. Girls Pro HD Concealer in Pure Beige. This is the perfect combo to erase my dark circles. For finishing, i opted for a transluscent but hydrating finishing powder to removes shine with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.

  Eyes : Before used eyeshadows, i primed my eyes with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin after that i lined my eyelids with black eyeliner from Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil Liner in Black. I smudged them with smudge brush fastly and then topped with blue eyeshadow pigment and i used L'oreal Infallible in Midnight Blue. To made a 3D effects, i used Wet n Wild 'I Got Good Jeans' browbone color on center of my eyelids. As a mascara hoarder, i couldn't forget to use mascara and i used L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black to give voluminous effect and then used Majolica Majorca Lash Extend to lengthening them.

  Cheek : I contoured hollow of my cheekbones with Thebalm Bahama Mama. Been loving this for a full year round! I also slightly contour my nose. After that, i gave a colour to my cheeks with Thebalm Hot Mama, a beautiful rose gold color with shimmer that works as a highlighter too.

  Lips : like i said before, i don't want to look to much so i chose nude lipstick like Rimmel Nude Delight. It's a perfect peachy-nude color and to gave a plump effect, i used NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Natural color.