Beauty Event : L'occitane Holiday Party

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  Two weeks ago, i was invited to L'occitane Holiday Party at Mama Goose restaurant. When i arrived, L'occitane team greet me with a smile and they offered hand massage and french braid.

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  This is one of L'occitane team who did french braid. She's really nice! She asked me what kind of braid that i want and i was so confused. I didn't have idea and she helped me to find what's the most suitable braid for me. When i saw the result, i love it. Too bad i forgot to ask her name

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Hand massage booth. Free to choose favorite scent of their hand cream
  The party started a little bit late because we have to wait another bloggers to come. It was raining cat and dog on that day. When i was waiting for the party started, i was looking around the restaurant and beside hand  massage booth, there's a table with lots of box and gifts accecories. I didn't know what for that things at first but then Ms. Jihan told me it's for competition. So we, all bloggers can customize and wrap the gifts for someone.

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  After did french braid and hand massage, i realized L'occitane team brought all of their collection and i'm amazed and asked to myself 'how can they bring all of this items?'. So, i will show you the pictures of their products :

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  Amande Collections
Amande or almond has the softest smell among the collections. I don't really like it but one of blogger, Mei from Pygmalion Land loves it because she's pregnant now and the smell relieves her. They're well known too for erase the cellulites.

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Aromachologie Collections
Famous for hair care and treatment. There are so many variants such as volumizing, repairing, and radiance & colour care.

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Angelica Collections
Angelica or magic plants is the newest skincare range. Helps to hydrate skin whether you're skintype is oily, normal, or dry. Suitable for teenager and early twenty years women.

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Immortelle Brightening Collections
Look like daisy flower but actually it's not. It's immortelle which i don't have idea what flower it is but they said it's well-known as everlasting flower. For a dull skin gals, you should try it. Seriously, i'm drooling over this range because i'm obsessed with bright skin.

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Limited Edition Collection
Here it is their newest limited edition collection and the called its '&' collection. The scents are from two ingredients which the main ingredients original from French. My favourite is the vert & bigarade. Smells so fresh!

  Alright guys, that's some of their collections. After the party, they served as with delicious meal. I chosed spaghetti bolognaise with lychee ice tea.

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