Let's Thread In Narsih Salon

  For you my loyal readers, i'm sure you guys know several times in my blog posts i told you my eyebrows are unruly. I really want to do threading but i didn't have time because all of this college thingy. So two days ago, i had a chance to did it and i threaded my eyebrows at Narsih Salon.

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  Tell me i'm so out of date, i recently known this place approximately around three months ago from my neighbour. I always adore her eyebrows and i thought it's her brow natural shape. Someday, i asked her that is she know the best place to threading beside Browhaus? 

  Okay, all of you must be familiar with Browhaus because it's the best and expensive place for waxing and threading. Last year, once i asked for a price at Browhaus, it's around 200k for only threading. I gotta admit, if i have to thread my eyebrows once in a two months, i can't afford it. Hey, i'm still a student. I get  money from my parents and i won't say 'mom, i need threading fee every two months'. Bleh.

  Back then, my neighbour mentioned Narsih Salon. I was thinking so hard at this time. What kind Salon of with that old - fashioned name? Then, i had a researched on the internet and i was quite suprised because it's a famous, legendary waxing and threading place in town with maximum services. Another plus is, it's suitbale for low budget person like me!  Don't ever thinking about big salon at the centre of town. It's just an ordinary house that has small salon for threading and waxing and the access to that place is quite difficult. I once went there with my mom before Eid-al-Adha and whoa, it was full-booked! There were more than 70 people waiting for their chance. I was shocked and didn't expect that. After that day, my curiousity getting increase and increase. I've been wanting to try their service and finally, twi days ago my wish came true.

  I arrived there around 9 o'clock, i thought i was too early but the fact i wasn't. There's already three ladies had waxing and threading. Many people said if you want to do threading, you better try Mrs. Narsih's hand because you will content with the results, but at that day bu Narsih was absent. So another person take my eyebrows and i'm still feeling content. The place is also clean and exclusive for women. Before you had a treatment, you have to write your name and what would you like done in a small book in front of the house. Another things that i like is the staff are nice and friendly and really know their stuff. They seem to be treated well by the owner and you can tell by how they treat each other and the customers.
  After i write in a small book, the staff started to do their job. If any beauty salon do threading eyebrows with tweezer, it's different in here. They do it with white string. 

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    It's not that hurts like when i had threading with tweezer and they did it fast, around 15 minutes for couple of eyebrows. The results is great. My eyebrows is arched down and they can make it up! Looove this place and definitely will go back some time. By the way, for a price, you just have to pay Rp. 30.000 for threading eyebrows. They open everyday at 9 am until 6 pm.

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  1. Sakit ga ya kalo di cabut pake benang..Selama ini aku cuma cukur alisku.

    Hai, aku memberikan nominasi award untuk kamu, Ayu...Buat post baru untuk jawab pertanyaan ya..makasi dear...