Sunday Faces #3 : Casual Date Makeup

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  Another sunday and of course it must be another sunday faces. I hope you guys doesn't feel booo ~ ring see my fotd every last day of the week and today, the theme is date makeup.

  I rarely go out with my boyfriend every saturday because both of us can't stand of traffic jam. For Jakarta citizen, all of you have already know that we can sit inside a car for more than hours even if the destination's so close from where we are. We prefer have a date on sunday because the situation's not too crowded. By the way, my boyfriend doesn't like me when i put my makeup on. He loves to se my natural bare face so i have to tricked him whenever we go out. Anyone have type of boyfriend like me? Raise your hand and let me show you how to tricked them :)

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  For my sandy brown eyelid, i chose pink and taupe color this time. First, i primed my whole eyelid with NYX HD Eyeshadow Primer and wait for a minute until it dry perfectly. After that, with my ring finger i applied Shiseido Eyeshadow Cream in PK 214. It's a gorgeous pink - champagne color with subtle shimmer. Actually you can use it as a primer but i prefer use primer first to make it stays on well. I use lavish color which is a matte taupe color in MUA 'Undress Me Too' palette on the outer corners and blended it well. I didn't use any eyeliner because i want my eye makeup looks soft. I couldn't live without mascara so i used Maybelline Megaplush Mascara in Blackest Black. For eyebrows, still haven't trim it yet but soon i will do it!

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  Next to face makeup, i want to brightens my complexion so that's why i used another perfect combination such as Tarte Brightening Primer and Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Beige. Tarte brightening primer has a bad oil control and it doesn't matter for me because i'm a dry skin gal. Hello flawless has a dewy finish and today i won't look overly dewy and i set it up with Lucy Minerals Light Mineral Foundation but i forgot to took a picture. Seriously guys, it's a great mineral powder! It has a medium coverage. Next time i will review it, perhaps. After that, i used Tarte Blush in Exposed. It gave me blushing brownish plum color and i really love it. Didn't use any highlighting product because i didn't want him spotted my face and say 'baby, you're face glittering like disco ball'. Blah.

  For a lips, i used my another MLBB lip color which is Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over but before that, i applied lipbalm first.


  1. hi!
    my bf also doesn't like to see my make up face. he prefers the natural one hehehe.
    thanks for your blog post.

    btw have you reviewed the lipstick before? :)

    1. hello, thought we have a same problem, right? lol. no, i haven't! thanyou for reminding me. i will review it soon :)