What Happened in Early 2014

  Hi guys! Sorry for taking a long blog break which i didn't expect that i had it neither. After new year passed, there's so many things happened - family vacation, reunions, got sick, etc. I've thinking about blogging but after that i said 'whatever, my blog and readers (if i had, tho..) can wait'. Then when i got sick, that guilty feeling spinning around my head.

  So, what happened in last two weeks? I took some vacay with my family to Belitung Island. Seriously guys, it's a beautiful place! Feels like i was in nirvana. Turquoise water, white sand, big rock, and gale wind, for Neptunus sake it's purfetto! After i came home, i got sick. At first i thought it was just an ordinary gasthritis but over the time that pain spread over my back. Went to the doctor and he said i affected by pielonefritis disease which is it attacks the kidneys. Gosh, you wouldn't wanna know how painful it is and that's why i had to take a bed rest.

  That's for my updates. I hope i can blogging back soon. Have a great everyone!