Ayu is the name of the girl. She has Indian blood from mom's side and a little bit Chinese blood from father's side. Born in June 1992. 8 is her favourite number and turquoise in her favourite color. She always has a problem with her permanent puffy eyes. It's her mother's inheritance, by the way.

She used to be a tomboy. She's not into fashion but fell in love with beauty products. She started in love with it since she's in senior high school. Liquid eyeliner is her first beauty product that she bought with her own money. Her skintone is warm with yellow undertone and has  black colour hair.

She loves reading, too. Fiction is her favourite genre. She loves travelling, and visits Japan, Greece, and Rumania before she died is her obsessions.

After all, she hopes you enjoy her blog and keep reading.

The girl

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